The 20th Century :
We, the North-Easterners have been known all over the world for our distinctive, valuable contributions in the fields of Arts, Culture, Dance, Drama and Music.
Head-Hunters, turned Soul-Hunters, avid Tech-Hunters we now are!
The 21st Century :
We, the North-Easterners have made a name for ourselves and created a Work-Force with an Intelligence, to be reckoned with, all across the globe, in the Hi-Tech world.
We, the North-Easterners love our Homeland. We, the NE-Techies, would rather come back home and live here, given the opportunities to continue with our careers in the Hi-Tech world. North-East global tech, is a company having seen just that, gives such opportunities to those who wish to come back home, and pursue their careers with world class Quality of Technology they have worked on, and at the same time, can continue to develop/design, in their own homelands, without any compromise in the Lifestyle they had lived across the globe.
And further, NE globaltech is committed to harnessing the young engineering talents graduating out from the very many engineering colleges of the North East, share with and expose them, to the rich and vast experiences of the technocrats of the company, and grow along together.


To not only make the North-East a technology hot spot of the country, but to also build a world class engineering company in the fields of Semi-conductor, Software and IT business, which will serve as a nucleus for an eco-tech-environment, and eventually make NE the obvious Tech Valleys in India!
This eventually will be a Catalyst for INNOVATION and JOB creation in the HI-Tech segment of the economy of the North-East!!
And more importantly, to make the young engineering talents of the North East,a formidable, world class engineers next to none!!


NE globaltech is a world class technology company offering Products and Services in the areas of Semi-conductor, Software and IT Managed Services.


NE globaltech offering Products and Services in the areas of Semi-conductor, Software and IT Managed Services. It is in a Start-up mode.


NE global tech, is a Team that has had vast rich experiences in the Design and Development of bleeding edge technologies in the Silicon Valley and Bangalore and Europe.

ONLINE VENTURE is an online e-commerce venture of NE globaltech to sell automobile parts to the entire country.