Live Projects

We have delivered an End to End Turnkey Solution for a Safe, Secure, Scalable and Intelligent Network
The entire Intranet is protected by Firewalls. The entire Backbone starting from the Data Center, running across all the campus , is of OFC (Optical Fibre Cable). The entire backbone of the OFC is protected and insulated from damages and outside forces. The Media Converters are used to convert the optical signals from the backbone, to digital signals to feed into the internal networks. All the network communication between all the buildings within the campus is optimized and balanced by the Load Balancer. The Firewall will not only give protection from outside cyber-attacks, but also will give protection from un-authorized access, between different departments of the Institution by the VPN (Virtual Private Network) and IP tunnelling.

Hospital Information System
We have developed and installed various modules for the Institute's Information Management System that have enabled the Management and Middle managers to access Data-on-Demand, enabling them to make decisions faster.

Managed Services
The entire network and automated information system of the Institution is managed by us on-site and remotely by using remote managment tools.